As a family, we have been traveling now for over ten weeks.  We have all learned a lot so we thought it would be good to capture some specifics about what has resonated with each of us on our journey so far.  John took a little time today to capture what he would advise any of his friends who might take a big trip.

  1.  Bring stuff you are going to wear.  It’s important that you like what you wear.
  2. Don’t pack too heavy.


3.  Be prepared for all weather.

4.  Plan fun adventures like ZIP lining.

5.  Bring an iPad and head phones because not all air planes have a TV.


6.  Even if you are not hungry at least eat a few bites.

7.  For kids, pack good tennis shoes.

8.  Be ready for soft or hard beds.

9.  Take your hat off at immigration.

10.  Meet new people everywhere you go.


New friends in Sydney


Bonus #11 – And of course… have fun!



5 thoughts

  1. John, what a fine young man. He makes us smile every time we see him. Travels with Rick Steves OR Travels with John Harper. I like that.




  2. What great tips John! It was such a pleasure to met you all on your travels in Vietnam. We’re looking forward to following your on going adventures. Happy & safe travels


    1. I told John that you commented on his post and he said, “they really liked my post?” Then he loved on to the bananas to which he said, “dad, these are one-biters” Wonderful to meet you both and please think of some wonderful London adventures that might be fun for the kids if you have a moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’ll definitely email ideas. I hope you got my last email with photography sites & tips for Kate? It looks like you have been having a great time in the rest of Vietnam. We are now home, so it’s very lovely to read you ongoing adventures – Yve x


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